Our team knows the level of professionalism and sensitivity needed in regards to new installations. From start to finish our scheduling team and technicians work hand in hand to ensure your customers are taken care of promptly and effectively. Additionally, Tech Force offers services to help your company build revenue and reduce expenses through assisting in system upgrades that increase the MMR and agreement length while a tech is on site.

Service Work

Inevitably a certain percentage of your customers will need additional assistance with their products and services. Let us help you relieve that burden by offering a quick and effective solution of servicing your customers. Our streamlined processes allow us to get a hold of your customers quickly, schedule to their availability, and complete the job with the right equipment, tools, and technician.

Special Project

Looking for help completing a project? Whether switching your accounts to another monitoring company or installing systems on a nationwide scale for apartment complexes, Tech Force works with you to strategically plan and execute any number of alarm or low voltage projects.

Technical Support

Need additional support? Our Tech Support Team can serve you by being the center for managing the correct set up of your accounts and working directly with your customers to resolve issues that arise.